Why does the computer restart itself. 17 main reasons

An unexpected restart of your computer can cause you to lose important data. In theory, it also negatively affects the performance of the equipment. For example, the HDD head may “get stuck” in its working position and the next time the hard drive will not start at all.

An SSD drive is also not immune from failure during unplanned reboots. The file system suffers the most during crash reboots – under some circumstances, it can be damaged. Today we will try to solve the issue of “unauthorized” restart of the PC.

System Diagnostics
Finding the cause of a spontaneous reboot can be difficult. Even experienced specialists sometimes get lost and cannot determine the source of the failure. Problems that cause the system to reboot are always individual.

Thorough diagnostics of the system will help to find the cause of the failure. In general, they can be located both in the software and in the hardware plane. In other words, the number of them is simply huge.

The most common causes
If we undertake to list the most common causes of spontaneous reboots, we must immediately distinguish two types of them – hardware and software.

Unlicensed version of Windows;
Lack of a digital signature of the driver;
Incorrect overclocking of the system;
Software incompatibility with the current version of the operating system;
Change BIOS settings.
Let’s analyze the most common reasons for rebooting in more detail.

One of the most common cases of spontaneous system reboot is associated with processor overheating . To make sure that it is he who is the source of the failure, you need to know the temperature at the time of the reboot and during standard operation. To measure the CPU temperature, you can use any suitable utility, for example, MSI Afterburner or CPU-Z.

A free (not loaded) processor must have a temperature in the range from 35 to 55 degrees Celsius. Under load, the CPU can heat up to 100 °C. It should be noted that the constant operation of the processor, under extreme temperature conditions, can quickly disable the equipment.

To reduce the temperature of the processor, it is necessary to clean the external and internal parts of the system unit from dust and dirt. You also need to create good air circulation inside the system unit and replace the thermal paste. Be sure to clean all coolers. It is the fans and heatsinks that collect most of the dust, they get dirty quickly and always require maintenance. It is also necessary to pay attention to all the ventilation elements of the system unit – they must be open for air circulation.

Errors and defective components
Another common reason for restarting your computer is using defective hardware. If the computer is assembled by the user, it is necessary to pay special attention to stress tests – they are used to check the performance of all components under maximum load.

Finished PCs are sometimes equipped with defective components. Office PCs are generally not designed for intensive workloads – such system units are often assembled by private “masters” for further resale. As for marriage, it is most often operative memory that is affected by it . If at least one die is of poor quality, then the system may start to reboot spontaneously. In this case, a blue screen of death often appears with the code 0x0000007f or with another numerical value.

Reloading can also occur with the following factors:

RAM sticks from different manufacturers with different frequencies are used;
Faulty DIMM slot on the motherboard.
Power Supply
Poor -quality power supplies from dubious manufacturers fail very quickly. In addition, they behave poorly under high load and do not cope in situations where all the computing resources of the computer are involved.

When assembling a PC, it is always necessary to build on the purpose of the machine. So installing a powerful gaming video card in an office PC is not only impractical, but also dangerous for the entire system as a whole – the power supply simply cannot work correctly with such a video card.

Constant reboots of the system due to the fault of the hard drive can be identified by slowing down the speed of writing / reading files. Decreased hard disk performance, file system errors, constant “freezes” indicate that the cause of the reboot may be a malfunction of the HDD. To diagnose the condition of the hard drive, you can use specialized software, for example, the Victoria utility.

Software bugs
Reboots due to software errors often occur when installing the latest Windows updates . Last month, Microsoft officially admitted that the KB4557957 and KB4560960 updates contained bugs that caused the system to reboot spontaneously. In July, Microsoft released a patch to fix these bugs.

Reboots due to software errors can occur when using any software. Often the system reboots while using “heavy” software from Adobe, 1C, Autodesk. Their products are very demanding on computer computing resources. In the event of a reboot, while working in any program, you need to make sure that the characteristics of the PC meet the minimum system requirements of the program.

System reboots often provoke software conflicts. For example, in the case of using an unlicensed version of Windows. Also, the lack of a digital signature of the driver of any device can lead to reboots. In general, incorrect driver installation often leads to other failures. You should not use programs that automatically install drivers for all devices at once, as well as download drivers from unofficial sites.

User errors

Reboots due to user errors most often occur when changing BIOS settings, for example, in the case of overclocking certain components.

If reboots have appeared quite recently, you should remember whether there has been an intervention in the system registry recently. Also, the system must be checked with antivirus software. The presence of a virus code is one of the most common reasons for spontaneous system restarts.

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