We make a child happy at the price of a top-end iPhone

Once again, without batting an eyelid, we postpone the purchase of such a desirable, but so expensive gadget. Today it is especially easy and pleasant to do this, because our children will be the beneficiaries! We select everything that is useful for development or simply guarantees an amusing time.

Budget Source – iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB
The current version of the iPhone in the Pro package with the maximum screen size and memory — this is how the top 1 of the list of smartphones sorted by price looks like. We remove it from the basket and get 126,999 rubles at our disposal (relevant for the beginning of August 2020).

6.5″ Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB green 82 999 *
Hoverboard DEXP N1 Color
Let’s go – in the truest sense of the word! First of all, let’s spend on what physical activity implies. It will be a gyroscope. You won’t surprise anyone with them now, but the thing is useful for coordination and children go “perfectly”.

Hoverboard DEXP N1 Color multicolor 9 999 *
DEXP N1 Color has a bright design and a 0.5 kW motor that allows you to accelerate to 12 km / h. The power reserve in this case is 15 km, and it will take two hours to fully charge the battery. Dad can also ride safely, unless, of course, he has crossed the mark of 120 kg.

Let’s not forget about safety and add a smart helmet to our vehicle.

LIVALL Bling BH60 Bicycle Helmet + BJ100 Controller, Blue
It has a double safety feature. In addition to protecting against a fall, it can also prevent it. This helmet allows you to answer calls in wireless headset mode. The child will have fewer reasons to get the phone and, accordingly, less likely to fly off the board.

RC buggy BSD Dune Racer BS218T
Who among us in childhood did not dream of a radio-controlled car? In this case, this is an off-road model, made on a large scale (1:10 of the real size). Impressive tires, coupled with all-wheel drive and independent suspension, provide off-road flotation and confident grip on hills. And what are the sand puffs on the corners! However, on a flat surface, such a device will accelerate to 35 km / h.

AZ-800 C_BOBIP_43 NCP-MCA H12-311_V3.0 H11-851_V3.0 Databricks-Certified-Associate-Developer-for-Apache-Spark-3.0 CCDAK C_THR83_2111 C_SACP_2120 1V0-31.21 AZ-801 1Z0-1085-21 1Z0-1084-21 1Z0-1083-21 1Z0-1079-21 1Z0-1077-21 1Z0-1076-21 1Z0-1075-21 1Z0-1052-21 DES-DD23 1Z0-1069-21 3V0-21.21 Professional-Data-Engineer 2V0-51.21 2V0-21.20 C_C4H420_13 DES-1121 AZ-220 1Z0-1059-21 1Z0-1055-21 1Z0-1046-21 1Y0-403 MB-210 C_ARSOR_2108 Looker-Business-Analyst C_C4HCX_04 C_HRHFC_2105 C_TS452_2020 C1000-124 SAFe-DevOps ATA02

RC buggy BSD Dune Racer BS218T
Buggy is a toy that can become a serious hobby with elements of technical creativity. The BSD model in this regard is a good option for entering the hobby. There are spare parts for upgrading from the manufacturer, and at the same time a wide field for joint activities with your child! Then you can think about buying a more serious unit and participating in contests.

Radio-controlled boat Pilotage “Piranha”
After mastering small off-road, you can move on to water procedures. Driving a boat is a completely new emotion. Even in this format, he is able to raise small waves and delight his navigator. The management has its own nuances, which will make the development of the child’s skills even more diverse.

Radio-controlled toy boat Pilotage “Piranha”
Quadcopter Syma X25 Pro
Having conquered the earth and water, we are taken for airspace. Here you can learn more useful skills than just piloting a radio-controlled toy. Quadcopter control is one of the professions of the future, which is in demand now. Recently, we talked about how drones are widely used. Children have a great opportunity to pump from an early age in the management and maintenance of copters. For starters, the Syma X25 Pro model is perfect.

Quadcopter Syma X25 Pro white 6 999 *
High-quality assembly, a respected brand and a decent list of options – the young pilot will be satisfied. Yes, you yourself will soon ask to steer. The copter is able to hover in the air and maintain altitude, automatically take off and land, and also return using GPS when the connection is lost. There is an option to fly along a given trajectory. For shooting, a 1 megapixel camera is installed on board with the function of streaming video to a smartphone. If necessary, the camera can be replaced with a more advanced one.

Motorola TLKR T50 radio set
Always a useful thing for many scenarios. In conditions of a weak cellular signal in a forest or village, walkie-talkies become the #1 communication tool. They can also become an element of the game in a “full network”. The radio will provide communication at a distance of several hundred meters to a kilometer, depending on the terrain. Great combination of size and range. The battery is designed to work for 16 hours.

Motorola TLKR T50 radio
Setup based on the Pioneer DDJ-200 DJ console
After outdoor activities, we return home to learn the basics of DJing. As a tool for this purpose, we take the DDJ-200 controller from Pioneer.

DJ controller PIONEER DDJ-200 13 999 *
Getting started couldn’t be easier: just turn on the remote control and connect to it from your smartphone via the app. Everything is ready – you can load tracks and try to make mixes. The program will suggest a suitable track for queuing. There is bpm synchronization between decks. Further more. Use pads to create spins, a crossfader for smooth mixing, and jogging to simulate the effects of working with vinyl.

For the simplest setup, you will need headphones, for example, Pioneer HDJ-X5, focused on working with music.

Headphones Pioneer HDJ-X5-K
This model is characterized by an extended range, dynamic radiators and a twisted cable for high-quality sound transmission. Also, for DJing, a convenient design is important, which implies frequent removal / putting on of headphones.

We supplement our system with speakers and get a professional setup.

Speakers 2.0 SVEN SPS-750 7 899 *
SVEN SPS-750 is a stereo system consisting of two-way speakers with a total power of 50 W. There are options for connecting via cable or Bluetooth, there is a headphone jack.

Constructor Connoisseur Super set №1
Now let’s take care of the development of gray matter and pay tribute to modern technology. Robotics is one of the most sought-after specialties and the key to many jobs of the future. To interest a child, you need to start with something visual and not too complicated.

Constructor Connoisseur Super set №1
“Super set #1” contains more than a hundred large parts with clear functionality, from which you can create your own models without even opening the instructions. If you still look into it, there are projects on a wide variety of topics: cars, everyday appliances, voice control and much more. All elements are colorful, they are just nice to take in hand. For a child, this is an opportunity to smoothly plunge into a new area, and after mastering the kit, a direct road to the world of Arduino.

Engino DISCOVERING STEM constructor
The original idea of ​​the designer will attract children with their parents and keep their attention for a long time. The main element is a motor with a gearbox. And a hundred plus details to boot. From them we get four main attractions, for example, a Ferris wheel 60 cm high. Additionally, you can build many small mechanisms on gears.

Construction set Engino DISCOVERING STEM Amusement park 8 750 *
Board game “Dixit”
A great option for spending time with the kids is board games. A quiet evening or in a noisy company – they are equally good at diversifying our leisure time.

Board game “Dixit” 2 199 *
Dixit is the source of the Imaginarium, bright and focused on younger players. Perfectly develops associative thinking and imagination. Often these are areas in which children will easily give us a head start.

Microsoft Xbox ONE X game console
After doing useful activities, we can relax and move on to family gaming. Gone are the days when video games were associated with parents only with aimless time wasting. Modern platforms offer games that develop motor skills and strategic thinking. And, of course, not a single childhood passes for a long time without game battles with friends.

Game console Microsoft Xbox ONE X Black 1 TB
It is known that the two main players are Playstation and Xbox. Comparing them is the same as Camaro and Mustang, that is, a thankless task. In this case, we will offer Xbox ONE X, which can satisfy the needs of a gamer of any age. With an affordable monthly subscription, you get access to a whole collection of games. Dancing, sports simulators, shooters, strategies – take your pick.

E-book Digma R63S
Remember to gently promote reading. Of course, a paper book cannot be replaced, but it is not always possible to find and use it conveniently. The electronic version is a great alternative.

6’’ E-reader Digma R63S gray
The special E-Ink Carta display creates the full effect of a paper sheet and does not tire the eyes. Uniform illumination allows you to comfortably adjust to the lighting.

Batteries for change

Alkaline battery Duracell Ultra 250 *

So, we have compiled a list of gifts that will last for several birthdays. The variety of the selection will not let the child get bored and will allow him to decide for himself what the soul lies more in. Each such hobby has its own testing ground for further movement forward, which contributes to the formation of useful skills. But the most important thing is the time spent with children, it is priceless. For the rest, you can donate a new iPhone.

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