Things to do on the road. Necessary devices and applications

A long trip can be very tiring, especially if there is nothing to do during it, except for contemplation of the monotonous landscapes passing by the window. However, killing annoying time during a voyage or standing in a traffic jam is very easy. It is enough to stock up on a suitable gadget for this.

To watch a movie
For comfortable watching movies on the road, a tablet with a wide screen and a capacious battery is suitable. Since the viewing angle, image quality and color reproduction depend on the display manufacturing technology, you should pay attention to this characteristic when choosing a tablet. IPS matrices, as well as similar PLS matrices, are currently optimal in terms of the ratio of indicators and prices. TN + film is cheaper, but worse in terms of viewing angle and other characteristics.

Super AMOLED technology outperforms IPS and PLS, provides a larger color gamut and contrast ratio, faster response time and lower power consumption. In addition, Super AMOLED screens are thinner, but the price is much higher.

To avoid the appearance of glare or a mirror effect, you should pay attention to the model with an anti-reflective coating, or use an additional matte film. Installing a capacious high-speed memory card into the device will allow you to quickly download more movies and TV shows in good quality for the whole weekend or a whole vacation, so as not to depend on the availability and speed of the Internet in each particular place in the future.

For convenient viewing of movies, series and programs, it is recommended to install the appropriate application on your tablet or smartphone. For example, MEGOGO , Okko , ivi or Amediateka . Applications provide access to a rich film library, allowing you to select suitable films and series by genre and rating. Here you can watch movies of interest both online and offline.

An indispensable device for lovers of road reading is an e-book . Of course, you can use a smartphone or tablet for this purpose. However, the e-book has significant advantages.

Thanks to e-ink technology (electronic paper), paper printing is imitated. This provides much longer battery life than conventional display devices (weeks to months) and less eye fatigue.

If traditional reading seems tedious, you can use the special program @Voice Aloud Reader , which reads the text aloud. Thus, you can voice a book or an article from any android application. In the settings, you can change the reading speed and volume. Recording of reading into an audio file is available for later listening in any player. You can use the application in free mode, but for a more comfortable operation, it is recommended to purchase an additional Vocalizer voice and a premium license.

To search and conveniently read text and audio books on a smartphone, you can use LitRes , MyBook Library , Litnet and similar applications. As with movies, book apps allow you to download audiobooks for later offline listening. For audiobooks downloaded from torrents, it is recommended to install the jetAudio player , which allows you to adjust the playback speed.

To listen to music from a smartphone, you can use the application of one of the streaming services: Yandex.Music , Spotify , YouTube Music , Apple Music , Deezer . Or even several to get access to more pre-made playlists based on preferences. All such services in paid mode allow you to download individual tracks, albums and playlists for subsequent offline listening in the application. It is worth taking advantage of this opportunity before the trip, in case of interruptions with the Internet.

Another option for online music addiction is multi-channel Internet radio stations and radio aggregators broken down by genre: Yandex.Radio , DI.FM , Radio 101 , AccuRadio , TuneIn Radio , Radio Online . In addition to music, you can listen to educational podcasts using the Yandex.Music and Podcasts , Google Podcasts , Castbox applications . Or look for podcasts and lectures on YouTube.

For completely autonomous listening to music without any services and applications, it makes sense to get a player. The player allows you not to clutter up the smartphone’s memory with gigabytes of music and save power, it is more compact and convenient for operational manipulations. Premium players provide better sound quality than smartphones.

When choosing a player, pay attention to the presence of Bluetooth in order to be able to connect wireless headphones. Actually, the latter will be the best option for travel. Models with a built-in player allow you to save tracks directly to the headphone memory and listen to them without connecting to external devices.

A fan of mobile games who is going on a trip will need a capacious memory card for modern games, a capacious power bank so that they don’t worry about the charge level during the game, and a gamepad with a holder for a more convenient gameplay. If you have stable Internet from 15 Mb / s, you can also play PC games on your smartphone or tablet through the GeFroce Now streaming service . This additionally requires a compatible gamepad.

Perhaps the best option for gaming outside the home is a portable game console. Budget option 16-bit SEGA Genesis Gopher 2 with 700 games included. More advanced is the Nintendo Switch console, on which you can play modern games with maximum convenience for hours on end, including in multiplayer mode, synchronizing with other consoles.

No less exciting, inexpensive and completely “autonomous” means to pass the time is board games . It is quite possible to get stuck in some kind of economic strategy or a card detective for several hours in a row, not only at home on the table, but also on the road, including with random fellow travelers.—get-the-real-az-800-questions-2022

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