The best gifts for a girl on February 14

February 14 is approaching, which means a pleasant, but sometimes difficult task of choosing a gift. To make it easier, we have prepared a selection of gifts that will evoke positive emotions not only during the presentation, but also when they are used for a long time.

For beauty
hair dryer
Your girlfriend probably already has a hair dryer , but you should not discard this option. If her hair dryer is not new, then a modern, quiet and powerful model with magnetic attachments and a memorable design will surely impress and add shine.

Hair dryer Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair dryer white 3 999 *
If the girl has long hair, the multi -styler will be a great gift. It allows you to quickly and easily change your hairstyle – straighten your hair, or vice versa, curl it into curls or small curls. And the ceramic coating of the nozzles will protect the hair from damage.Multistyler Rowenta UNLIMITED LOOKS CF 4112 2 999 *
My light, mirror! Tell. Yes, tell the whole truth: am I sweeter than everyone else in the world, all blush and whiter? If your life partner can admire herself for an infinitely long time, then give her a mirror, which, although it will not answer questions, will show and illuminate her face. We are sure that its owner will use it several times a day, each time remembering you with a kind word.

Mirror NDCare View MM03 940 *
Facial device
It is difficult to find a girl who would be completely satisfied with her facial skin. Therefore, skin care products are becoming increasingly popular. The ultrasonic device cleans pores, improves complexion, makes the skin supple and smooth.

Facial device Hasten HAS1100 1 650 *
Sauna for the face
For most facials, including the ultrasonic cleaner, the skin needs to be steamed first. However, a facial sauna can also be used as an independent device, because steaming is good for the skin and muscles. Therefore, a compact facial sauna will definitely not lie idle.

Facial sauna Gezatone 105S 1 699 *
A massager is a great gift for everyone. It will relieve muscle fatigue, relax “clogged” shoulders and neck, relieve back pain. And, importantly, it will improve blood circulation, which will make the complexion fresh, the skin radiant, and the cheeks rosy. An additional plus is getting rid of a regular headache;)

Massager Bradex KZ 0308 1 750 *
The proposed model is additionally equipped with infrared heating and can be powered both from the network and from the car cigarette lighter. With this massager, the time spent in traffic will be spent with health benefits.

Fitness bracelet
For a girl who leads an active lifestyle, a fitness bracelet can be an ideal gift – you just need to choose a really reliable and high-quality device from the many models on the market.

Fitness bracelet Honor Band 5 2 199 *
Honor Band 5 is one of the most balanced modern fitness bracelets in terms of functionality, price and appearance.

Pay for purchases by touching the terminal with your wrist? Why not? The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 NFC fitness bracelet takes the contactless payment function to a new level – the closest competitors from other companies are several times more expensive.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 NFC 2 499 *
smart watch
If you are confused by the miniature screen of a fitness bracelet, pay attention to smart watches . Often they are superior to a fitness bracelet not only in screen size, but also in functionality.

Smart watch Amazfit Bip U Pro 4 250 *
Amazfit Bip U Pro, in addition to the standard set of fitness bracelet functions (heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitoring and blood oxygen levels), has a GPS tracker, microphone, displays the weather forecast and monitors the women’s calendar.

TWS headphones
Wireless headphones are a great gift for a music lover. But it will not be easy to choose a high-quality and inexpensive model, despite their huge range. Connection problems and poor sound quality are the main problems of inexpensive TWS headphones.

Headphones TWS JBL TUNE 125TWS white 3 099 *
TUNE 125TWS from the famous brand JBL will provide decent sound quality at an affordable price.

wireless tag
With a wireless tag , fees will take much less time – after all, a cosmetic bag, wallet or a bunch of keys lying in the unknown where can now be found with just one touch of the smartphone screen.

Wireless Samsung SmartTag, black 1 099 *
Samsung SmartTag works on Samsung smartphones and will not only help you quickly find the “lost” item, but also remind you of the forgotten thing when you leave home.

Wireless mouse
It’s no secret that the mouse is much more convenient to work with than the touchpad. If a girl has a laptop and uses it all the time, a good wireless mouse can be a great gift.

HP Wireless Mouse Z3700 red [V0L82AA] 1 299 *
P Wireless Mouse Z3700 is perfect for a laptop – it’s flat and easy to put in the pocket of your bag, the batteries last for more than a year of battery life, and the original design and quality of materials will definitely please your girlfriend.

Just for life
Board game
A board game is a great way to learn something new about a person: about his erudition, fantasy, sense of humor, etc. If you want to have fun and interesting time with your beloved, give her a board game for two . Most likely, the hint will be understood correctly and you will start the next evening with a “tabletop”.

Board game “Rick and Morty Anatomy Park” 1 499 *
Paired thermo mugs
Thermo mugs with double walls made of borosilicate glass appeared relatively recently, but they have already gained well-deserved popularity: they are light, look original, do not burn hands and retain the heat of the drink well. Such a thermo mug is a great gift in itself, and a pair with an original design is even better.

Rohe Isidor 950 glass set *
ring lamp
Instagram’s victorious march around the planet is, perhaps, nothing can stop. It’s not just an app anymore, it’s a subculture. You can treat it differently, but this does not negate the fact that for most girls today it is very important to look beautiful on Instagram. Which is almost impossible without good lighting. The ring lamp is designed to work with the smartphone camera, providing uniform lighting when shooting. Also, the lamp is useful for applying makeup and cosmetic procedures, if the girl does them at home herself.

Ring lamp FUJIMI FJL-STRM 899 *
A multi-baker is a universal mini-bakery that replaces a waffle maker , hazel maker , sandwich maker and other similar appliances. If your girlfriend loves to cook, the multi-baker will be a great helper for her in the kitchen and will delight both of you with delicious and high-quality pastries.

Multibaker Redmond RMB-M613/1 black 2 599 *
Thermo mug
Start the morning with hot coffee – what could be nicer? Alas, sometimes there is absolutely no time for this. A thermo mug is a great life hack for those who value time. You can pour a hot drink into it and drink it later – in public transport or in a traffic jam while driving.

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