I reached the banks of Yamuna ghat after de-boarding my flight to see the sunrise, and it was quite mesmerizing. The sense of closeness to nature was quite unusual in Delhi. Then I took an Uber and reached my hotel, where I met my travel agent and guide, who’d accompany me on this long but exciting trip.

He showed me the Veterinary, which had the 5 nights 6 days Golden Triangle tour itinerary  route covered to the minutest bits. I was getting more and more excited as the journey had to begin tomorrow, and I had a lovely buffet in front of me. The meal was fingerlicously good. I roamed around the city and visited Akshardham Temple, and I was mesmerized by the night show, which takes place every day. Then we wandered around the streets of Chandani Chowk and had some local delicacies, which tasted quite good. Then my guide took me to the hotel and introduced me to the local cab driver who’d be my partner for some of the coming days.


We started early in the morning, and the chauffeur took me to Agra through the Yamuna- Expressway. The road was quite comfortable. It took us about two and a half hours to reach Agra, and the first place we hit was the Main market, where I treated myself to some good meal and then directly headed towards the Taj. The chauffer was a local of Agra and knew all the significant places, which helped us a lot in bonding with the people there. He took all the responsibility of arranging the entry tickets of the Mahal, and we were in the monument comfortably. We took many pictures and videos to memorize these moments as a token of gratefulness.

We got out and had some ice cream along with local petha and then went straight up to the main bazaar to shop for something. I brought memorabilia of Taj, which I placed in the care of my current new friend. After wandering around, we had our dinner and then headed back to the hotel.

The next day we left for the Fatehpur Sikri, and there we got to know about the culture and heritage of the Mughals, which ruled India for quite a long time. There were incredible sculptures and pictures. The thing that stood out for me was Diwan-E-Khaas, where the Emperor met with all his essential dignitaries. Then we left to Agra fort and roamed around to see the red sandstone monument. The architecture was simply unique because it was built so early. Then we had a group of older people who invited us to have a=the lunch together, and we had a great time with them.

We left for the hotel and rested there for some time as we had to leave early in the morning the next day. We slept early after glazing all the pictures we had taken in the past three days, and I was already missing the place.



We left for Jaipur at around 7:30 AM, and it took us about 5 hours to reach Jaipur while halting and enjoying. The moment we checked into the hotel, the hotel staff welcomed me with some grand entry local drink, which was delicious. After resting for an hour, we left for the most famous monument Hawa- Mahal, and it was quite a different experience to be there. I had never seen a place like this earlier as the concepts of science were used in quite a different prospect there.

After leaving Hawa- Mahal, I was craving some Dal- Baati choorma, and the local people helped me with some great places. The hospitality of locals was quite appreciable. We reached the hotel and found a local group from Delhi, where we partied with them to the fullest.

The next day we left for City Palace and had some great local non-veg food over there. The food was quite spicy and delicious at the same time. It all came along when I learned that the architecture was inspired by Mughal architecture. We roamed around the Palace and left for Choki- Dhani from there. They welcomed us with a warm heart and gave their national heart as a token of remembrance for their heritage. I had some lovely Rajasthani dinner there, and my stomach was full up to the brim and had no space left, but the hospitality was so good that they forced me to eat one more Jalebi. We danced, sang and even played games with locals over there. The experience was 6 days Golden Triangle tour itinerary unique.

As the trip was coming to an end, tears were in my eyes already as I had to go back into my steady life. The chauffeur told me we’d leave around 8 AM as I had a flight to catch around 6 PM from Delhi. We left, and tears were rolling around my eyes. The glimpses of the trip were in front of my eyes, and I saw some dunes in the way, and I saw some children playing on the corner of the road, and I brought some chocolates for them and had a short pleasant time with them. I was about to reach Delhi, and everything was coming to a pause.

The driver took me to the travel agency where I met my agent who organized this beautiful trip. He took my feedback for the trip, and I was very confident about the feedback that I had to give. In return, he gave me a complimentary ride to the airport. As we had reached early, I had enough time to spend with my chauffeur. We halted at a famous coffee shop where I promised him to accompany us again when I came back. He dropped me at the airport, and then my flight took off, leaving all the memories behind. It was a lifetime experience, and I wish to travel back as I write this. Visit at us:

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