Perfect gifts for filmmakers and videographers

Photography and video share some technical notions, but not all. To make good videos, the filmmaker must use certain specific tools that a photographer could do without. For this reason, we put our photographer’s cap aside to focus on the real needs of the filmmaker and videographer. We have selected 5 gifts that we find particularly useful to achieve any type of sequence.

Stabilization accessories: no more tremors!

In photography, there are many situations where the use of a stability accessory is necessary (I am thinking of the macro or even the night photo) but it is not systematic. For video, on the other hand, stability is essential and for this reason there is a wide variety of accessories designed to offer you great stability in all types of situations, to best adapt to the circumstances of the moment and your needs. concrete needs.

The Thea 308 Quadralite LED torch, one of the great gifts for filmmakers and videographers

If you know the Quadralite brand, you should undoubtedly know that its LED torches as its flashes are accessories of exceptional quality. Its LED panels are used by professionals as well as photography and video enthusiasts, with the best results. The brand has since launched the Quadralite Thea 308 LED torch.

A more efficient light source, with 504 adjustable LEDs. Not to mention an adjustable color temperature, also by means of its two color filters included. Its rear screen will give you a simple and practical configuration. Take it everywhere, you will see how compact and light it is!

3. Video lens : DZOFilm cinema lens

Cinema lenses also differ from those of photography on a few technical aspects. Among these aspects, we will think of serrated rings for manual or motorized Follow Focus systems or even the delicate transition of the focus and the diaphragm.

DZOFilm is a brand recognized for its high optical quality which also develops lenses for cinema. Lenses designed from A to Z to fully cover the technical needs of filmmakers and videographers. Its optical quality is exceptional and in recent months the brand has launched its lenses for the new RF and PL mount.

Sights to improve your vision while filming

During a shoot, it is very important that the filmmaker has a perfect visualization of the scene. Thanks to the viewfinders, we can get a very precise idea of ​​the sequence because the LCD screen of the device is projected very clearly. These optical viewfinders for LCD screens block the entry of light, like a regular visor, except that they do this for the camera screen.

Great sound with the most versatile microphones

Regarding microphones and knowing in particular what is the best optio n to hit the mark every time (because there are all kinds and each of them has a very specific use), we especially recommend the brand. Boya, which offers microphones of all types, some of which are very versatile.

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