Mistakes when choosing a portable battery

Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, fitness bracelets, wireless headphones – these gadgets have firmly entered our lives and are used all the time. But they need regular charging, so active gadget users also buy portable batteries. However, users often make mistakes when choosing such a device. Which ones, and how to avoid them? We will tell in this article.

When choosing a portable battery, users most often pay attention to the capacity, which is expressed in mAh. However, you need to take into account not only the absolute capacity but also the relative one – depending on the number of gadgets and their consumption, as well as the charging speed and additional functions. Let’s describe the most common mistakes when buying devices of this type.

Insufficient capacity

With the insufficient capacity of a portable battery, it may not be enough not only for several charges but even for one full charge. Often, users choose low-capacity batteries because of their small size and weight, as well as their price. For example, 5000 mAh models are popular.

However, many of them are not able to charge most modern smartphones from 0 to 100%. The reason for this is the loss of power on the internal voltage converter, as well as the not entirely honest calculation of capacitance for some models. As a result, it will be possible to count on only one incomplete battery charge of a smartphone and even less for a tablet.

Xiaomi Redmi VXN4304GL portable battery black 1 999 *
If a device of this type is purchased for simultaneous use by several people, then you need to safely multiply the capacity by the number of people who will use the battery at the same time. For example, if you are going to go to nature in three and everyone has their own gadget, multiply 5000 mAh (at least for one device) by three, and get the minimum required capacity. If there are other devices, then you need to take into account the capacity of their batteries as well.

Excess capacity

The principle “more is better” in relation to portable batteries, of course, is relevant, but not always. Models with a large capacity are heavy, take up a lot of space, and are inconvenient for daily use in the city, especially if you travel on foot and not by personal transport. If you constantly use one smartphone and some low-capacity gadget, such as a smartwatch, and you don’t stay away from the mains for more than two days, then a 10,000 mAh battery is ideal. This power bank is enough to fully charge your smartphone, smartwatch and wireless headphones. And the bag will not become unbearably heavy.

Portable battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 PLM13ZM black 1 499 *
Few connectors

The number and type of connectors should be selected taking into account the gadgets that you will recharge. You also need to pay attention to what cables are included with the battery. If there is no cable for your device, then you will have to purchase it additionally. But the lack of a number of connectors cannot be solved in this way.

As a rule, even the simplest portable batteries have a pair of USB Type-A connectors, which allows you to charge yes devices at the same time. Usually, this is enough, but if you are an active user of all kinds of gadgets, then sooner or later you will need to charge them all at once. Additional connectors may also be needed to charge the gadgets of several users at once.

Portable battery HIPER RPX30000 white 2 450 *
More than two connectors are usually found only in high-capacity power banks from 20,000 mAh.

Lack of fast charging and insufficient current

Buyers often do not pay attention to the current strength and the presence of a fast charging function in a portable battery, but in vain. Both of these points can shorten the charging time.

Most modern smartphones support fast charging. With it, the charge source can use increased voltage to transfer more energy to the gadget per unit of time. Using portable batteries that support this function will help you charge your smartphone several times faster.

Portable battery Energizer UE10047PQBK black 1 350 *
Fast charging has several varieties with different voltages and currents. Among them are Power Delivery, Qualcomm Quick Charge, Adaptive Fast Charging and others. Before choosing a battery that supports fast charging, check which one your smartphone supports.

But even in the absence of fast charging, the current output from the battery connector differs between models. For example, many models can deliver 2A when using one connector, and only 1A when using two at the same time. Needless to say, in this scenario, the charge of the gadget will go very slowly – a full charge of two devices equipped with typical 5000 mAh batteries will take more than six hours. And one smartphone in 3 hours is not fast. Therefore, other things being equal, the greater the strength of the current produced by the device, the better.

Unnecessary features

Batteries are often equipped with additional features. For example, a flashlight, a display, wireless charging, a solar panel for recharging. However, it is worth overpaying for them only if you actually use them.

Flashlight – usually present in batteries with a large capacity, which are used by extreme sports enthusiasts in places far from civilization. But a flashlight can also come in handy in a small power bank to illuminate the road or keyhole.
Display – replaces the LEDs showing the charge of the device, and sometimes supplements. With it, you can find out the remaining charge in percent. The overpayment for the option is usually small, so it’s more a matter of taste.
Wireless charging is convenient if your gadgets support it. However, due to high energy losses, it is not as efficient. Through the “air” the amount of energy actually received by the gadget will be less than through the wire. In addition, this option is rare and significantly increases the cost of the device.
A solar panel is a must for hikers. Such a device can be mounted on a backpack so that the battery accumulates a charge before the halt. However, such a panel charges the battery very slowly and it makes no sense to consider it as a full-fledged alternative to an electrical outlet.

• Consider both the capacity and the weight of the battery. It is not worth purchasing devices with insufficient or excess capacity. In the first case, you will be left without a charge at the most inopportune moment, in the second, you will carry extra weight with you for no real benefit.

• When choosing a device, pay attention to the number and type of output connectors – so that they are enough for all your gadgets, and you do not need to buy adapter cables.

• If your gadgets support fast charging, it is recommended to purchase a battery with the appropriate function. This will greatly speed up the charging process and will help in cases where the smartphone needs to be charged as quickly as possible.

• Don’t overpay for extra features if you don’t use them. And vice versa: if any of the options is important to you, then choose a model with its presence.–61fa548ba9f5b8008e5fa2ad—your-success-partner—your-success-partner

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