Know The Risk Of Lung Cancer by Best Pulmonologist in Chennai 

Lung cancer, as the name suggests, is the type of cancer that starts in the lungs. Lungs are the two spongy organs present in your chest that intake oxygen on inhalation and release carbon dioxide on exhalation. Lung cancer happens to be the leading cause of cancer deaths in the world. Before you avail of and use your Bajaj health card, you need to know a few facts about lung cancer. So, read on to know more. 

The risk factors of lung cancer as per the best pulmonologist in Chennai 

Here are some of the risk factors for lung cancer that you need to be aware of: 

Smoking tobacco: 

The main risk factor for lung cancer is smoking. At least eighty percent of deaths from lung cancer are the result of smoking. The number is even higher for patients with small-cell lung cancer.  

People who have never smoked have the least chance of getting small-cell lung cancer. Also, it is important to note that smoking a pipe or a cigar is no less dangerous than cigarette smoking. Similarly, ‘light’ or low-tar cigarettes do not mitigate the risk of lung cancer. 

Second-hand smoke: 

Even if you do not smoke, breathing in second-hand smoke (the smoke of others) can increase the chances of developing lung cancer. Second-hand smoke is responsible for over 6,000 deaths from lung cancer every year. 

Radon exposure: 

The breakdown of uranium in rocks and soils leads to the production of a naturally occurring radioactive gas called radon. It is tasteless and odorless, which makes it hard to detect normally. Radon is present in such little quantities outdoors that it’s not dangerous, though the higher concentration of radon indoors can be harmful enough to cause lung cancer. 

Asbestos exposure: 

People working with asbestos in places like shipyards, textile plants, mills, and mines are more likely to get lung cancer. The risk is even higher for workers who are exposed to asbestos and also have the habit of smoking.  

Mesothelioma is the most common type of cancer for people exposed to excessive amounts of asbestos regularly. This type of cancer begins in the lining of the lungs before spreading further. Thus, having a Bajaj health card is even more important for employees working in such dangerous conditions. 

Exposure to carcinogens in some workplaces: 

Many cancer-causing agents (carcinogens) can be found in workplaces that might increase the risk of lung cancer: 

  • Radioactive ores like uranium 
  • Diesel exhaust 
  • Inhaled chemicals like mustard gas, coal products, chromium compounds, nickel compounds, vinyl chloride, silica, cadmium, beryllium, and arsenic. 

The government has taken necessary steps to protect workers from such exposures, though the dangers have not been completely mitigated for them. 

Intake of particular dietary supplements 

Several studies have found out that people who have the habit of smoking and taking beta-carotene supplements had a greater risk of lung cancer. The studies concluded that people who smoke should never take beta-carotene supplements. 

Arsenic present in drinking water 

Drinking water is one of the major sources of arsenic in many parts of the country. The presence of high levels of arsenic in drinking water increases the risk of lung cancer manifold. 

Preventing lung cancer as per the best pulmonologist in Chennai 

Though there isn’t any sure way to prevent lung cancer, Here are some important tips from the best pulmonologist in Chennai you can reduce your risk surely.

Staying away from smoking: 

If you have the habit of smoking, quit as soon as you can. And if you are planning to start smoking, simply don’t. Also, stay away from people who smoke because second-hand smoke is equally dangerous. 

Protect yourself from carcinogens at work: 

Stay away from carcinogens at work, and follow the advice of your employer in this regard. For instance, if your employer asks you to wear a certain kind of mask while working, do that. 

Maintain a diet rich in vegetables and fruits: 

Instead of having vitamins in pill form, have a diet that is rich in veggies and fruits. Also, get some workouts on most days of the week. 

If you notice any signs and symptoms of lung cancer, please get an appointment with your doctor at the earliest.

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