ICPlaza Launches a Comprehensive Software Development Kit for the Metaverse World

ICPlaza is launching a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) that will help change the phase of the Metaverse in 2022. The founder of Consensus MetaVerse Infrastructure has designed multi-dimensional support capabilities for metaverse to address challenges associated with applications such as GameFi, NFT, DeFi, and DAO in the Meterverse world.

According to the company, the kits enable the creation of an efficient, free, open, and fully decentralized metaverse world that meets the practical needs of the users.

The project has three products that deal with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The first product is the Icplaza NFT SDK. It aids in the creation, mining, trading, and investing of NFTs. The tool kit enables the creation of digital items and tokenizing them (minting) to create an NFT. It will also allow the tokenization of fungible assets to create new NFTs. The kit also offers a unique capability that involves reversing the tokenization process, by splitting NFTs to create fungible tokens (FTS). Icplaza NFT SDK will also allow developers to create protocols that enable trading of NFTs as well as staking the digital assets by users to earn passive income. It can also enable the creation of loan products.

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NFTs form an important component of the Metaverse world. They enable the creation and trading of gaming assets in the Metaverse world. Items such as avatars and virtual property are in the form of NFTs in the virtual world.

The second product is ICPlaza DeFi SDK, which supports decentralized finance in the metaverse world. The kit supports decentralized trading business (order-based/AMM-based), insurance business, and lending products such as peer-to-peer lending and fund pool lending products. According to the company’s CEO, Zarson Tipal, DeFi is a significant component in the Meterverse world. “If you want to use Metervese coin or tokens, you will have to buy them first. Buying these assets involves going through a loop of cryptocurrencies and bank intermediaries, which destroys the whole point of the decentralized trading mechanism. That is why we need DeFi.” He added, “Through DeFi networks enable easy buying and selling of metaverse tokens through smart contracts, peer-to-peer transactions, and many more.”

The third product in the kit is the ICPlaza DAO SDK, which supports the setting up and running of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). DAO is a core component of web 3.0. The new organization model is a paradigm shift in the organization structure, native to cryptocurrency technology. With DAO, all users have the opportunity to determine the direction of the project and earn from their management work. ICPlaza DAO SDK supports the following aspects of DAO – Protocol Dao, Investor DAO, Creator DAO, and Collector DAO.

Metaverse is a significant component of web 3.0, which is said to be the new internet. Metaverse replicates the underlying logic of the real world by carrying virtual activities with trusted asset value and identity authentication. It enables activities such as entertainment, content creation, displaying products, socialization, education, and trading. Some of the major companies that have made a step towards the Metaverse world include Facebook and Microsoft.

In 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta, a move that announced their interest in the Metaverse technology

ICPlaza positions itself as a company that offers the necessary tools for building a comprehensive metaverse space.

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