5 Tips on How to Write a Great College Admission Essay

How to Write a Great College Admission Essay – 5 Tips from Experts

Applying to colleges and waiting for the results is one of the toughest times in a student’s life. The anxiety, the wait, the rejections and then the acceptance, it’s all a roller coaster ride.

There are many steps to follow when applying for college. You need to fill out all the applications, submit all the documents, and take the admission test. Once you are done with all these ordeals, the most important task is to write a great college admission essay. Your college admission essay can be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker when it comes to college admissions. Therefore, you must submit only your best work.

The Basics

A typical college application essay is usually 500 words long. These 500 words make all the difference between college acceptance and rejection. While you will spend many hours and days researching, working on and crafting the perfect essay, the admission officers will only spend a few minutes on each essay. So, it would help if you captivated their attention right from the beginning.

Here are some tips to help you write a great college application essay to increase your chances of getting accepted into your dream college.

Tips to Write a Great College Admission Essay

1.      Read and Follow Instructions Carefully

As redundant as it may seem, you need to carefully go through all the instructions before you start writing the essay. In all the stress and excitement, many applicants miss important guidelines, which costs them their admission.

If you write your admission essay without properly following the guidelines, the admission officer assumes you will not be able to follow college program instructions. The number of words, page limits and other instructions are mentioned for a reason. Therefore, you must read and follow these instructions to write the perfect essay.

Once you’ve read and understood the requirements, gather your notes and draft the outline. Decide on the message you want to send across to the admission officer and start writing.

2.      Create a Compelling Introduction

You must have a compelling, engaging, and great introduction if you want to grab the admission officer’s attention. Remember, admission officers have to go through hundreds of admission essays. They will not spend time finding something worth-reading in your essay. Therefore, your introduction should be phenomenal. You can start your essay with an interesting story or an anecdote that tell them about your character and personality. This little peek into your personality will let the admission officers know about your true self and also make them curious enough to read through most of your essay, if not all of it.

3.      Use Your Genuine Beliefs in the Essay

College admission officers are looking for qualities of critical thinking and authenticity in admission essays. Therefore, try to be as natural as you can. Don’t base your essay on ideas and phrases many students have used in the past. Use your inner voice and genuine beliefs to create a great essay.

Make sure you use your essay as an opportunity to reflect upon your knowledge of your chosen field and your determination to learn more. An essay that reflects your ambitions and skills will likely grab the readers’ attention.

4.      Give Good Examples and Avoid Clichés

Try to add as many good examples as possible in your essay. It gives the reader an insight into how your mind works. Make sure everything you include in your essay supports your point of view. Many students research online for college admission essays and end up using the same phrases, tone and words. Avoid and delete anything that sounds cliché. Try to write everything with an angle of originality to it.

5.      Proofread and Edit

Don’t, we repeat, DON’T ever send your college admission essay without proofreading and editing it. While you should go through your finished work yourself, it is also important to ask someone else to proofread your work as well. While you may be able to catch the grammar, spelling and structure issues in the essay yourself, you also need a fresh perspective. Someone else proofreading your essay will help you catch the mistakes you may have missed.

The best thing to do is ask one of your teachers to proofread your essay once. You can also ask your friends or parents to take a look at your essay as well. Many students wonder, ‘Where I can buy essay writing help UK for my admission essay?’ The good news is British Assignment Writers can help you create a great college admission essay. You can also send in your work for editing and proofreading to ensure it is error-free, follows instructions and is written to impress.

Now that you have all these tips start writing and craft a college essay to help you get into your dream college.

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