How to clean the TV screen and monitor

Each of us at least once (and in fact – periodically) faced the problem of pollution of the monitor or TV. Dust, sticky droplets from a slice of tangerine that you clean in front of the screen, and even crushed flies flying on the screen like a beacon at night. All this leaves streaks, traces and dots that prevent you from enjoying games or watching movies.

It would seem that he took a cloth, wiped the dust – and the screen shines with pristine purity. But even in such a simple case there are nuances. You need to know about them so that the next cleaning does not lead to breakage of an expensive display.

Special funds
The best option is to use a special cleaner. Most often they come in sets (means + napkin), which are created for a specific task – cleaning the display. And this means that they are safe and will not harm the expensive screen at all.

Aceline screen kit, 200 ml
Or you can take a set of disposable wipes pre-soaked with a cleaning agent.

On your own
If you don’t want to buy anything, use microfiber cloths or any piece of soft anti-static cloth that you have at home. Ordinary tap water at room temperature will act as a cleaning agent.

If there is only dust on the monitor, it can be periodically removed with a soft bristle brush. These are sold in hardware stores.

How to clean your monitor
First of all, turn off the computer / TV. On the “black mirror” of the screen pollution is seen better. And if you overdo it with water, you will save yourself from electric shock, and electronics from short circuit.
If dry cleaning, be sure to use a soft cloth. To avoid scratches on the monitor.
Wet wiping means that the napkin should be slightly wet. Under no circumstances should water or cleaning agent drip from it (see point 1).
With light circular motions, clean the surface of the monitor. You don’t need to press hard: the display matrix is ​​​​a very fragile thing that requires a delicate approach.

After completing the main procedure, wipe the monitor dry with a clean cloth. We turn on the screen only after the surface has completely dried.
The frequency of maintenance of the screen depends on how often it is overgrown with dust. Dry cloth can be cleaned at least every day (without fanaticism). But wet cleaning with special equipment is enough to carry out once a month.

What absolutely cannot be done
Remove dirt, grease and stains with sharp objects (such as a fingernail), apply excessive pressure on the screen. Mechanical damage, in this case, you are provided.

We apply any special cleaning agents or water only on a napkin, it is not worth spraying or splashing on the screen. She can get in. Excess liquid electronics is useless, we do not wash the floor.
Do not use wet sanitary napkins or any other wipes soaked in alcohol. Alcohol will dissolve the anti-glare coating on most screens.

Napkin Konoos KTS-30 for 130 screens *
The same applies to paper towels, toilet paper, newspapers and other paper materials – such things leave scratches.
Do not use cleaning products that are not designed for monitors. Liquid for washing glasses, dishes, washing powder (or, God forbid, soda), car cosmetics, acetone and alcohol-containing solvents, etc. Craftsmen also recommend a solution of water and vinegar, soapy water. Such experiments are best left to these very life hackers. Saving 200 rubles, then to pay thousands for the repair of the matrix, is not the smartest step.
By following these simple recommendations, you will extend the life of your monitor or TV by keeping the display in perfect condition.

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