How to choose a baby pillow?

The nursery you choose for your baby to be a comfortable and relaxing place to sleep and grow is essential.

When you’re deciding the set and furnishings for their space, you’ll be tempted to decorate it with all the adorable baby pillows you can find.

Baby Pillows and Safe Sleep Recommendations

Creating a safe sleeping space is the main factor to think about when choosing baby pillows, and making sure your baby is safe.
As an adult, have the luxury of sleeping on an extra pillow (and likely like decking your bed with throw pillows too) You may consider providing your child with a pillow to sleep on.

A Firm Crib Mattress

To sleep at a secure level baby, require an extremely firm mattress. However, that doesn’t mean you should compromise your child’s convenience.
For instance, Newton Baby Crib Mattress is significantly more comfortable than standard mattresses that are hard and rock-like and covered in plastic.

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A Fitted Sheet

Apart from a mattress that is firm A fitted sheet is all your child requires to be comfortably in the bed.

Blankets and top sheets both could be hazardous to the health of your child.
The best method to ensure your child is warm comfortable as they rest is to take off your blanket in favor of snuggling your baby (until they begin rolling) or placing them in a sleeping bag.

A Waterproof Mattress Pad

A mattress pad on the mattress of your baby isn’t a requirement, but it can help clean up simpler! Additionally, a mattress pad that is waterproof can protect your mattress from water leaks, moisture, and mold.
The greatest thing about Newton’s water-proof crib mattress pad is the fact that it does not just protect the mattress but also helps ensure that any crib mattress is safe!

The Dangers Of Baby Pillows

Once you’ve figured out the kind of pillow a child is supposed to be sleeping in, let’s address this question: why should your baby sleep on pillows? The answer is straightforward but crucial.
The placement of a pillow in the crib will increase the risk that your baby one may overheat or accidentally put their face against it. This makes it difficult to breathe and increases the chance of drowning.

Different Types of Baby Pillows

With a myriad of baby items available and a wide array of baby products, we’re not able to cover all the various types of pillows that you’ll find while you shop or make a Baby registry. We’ll only cover a handful of typical ones to show you how to safely utilize them (or not make use of them at all).

Anti-Flat Head Pillow

One kind of baby cushion that parents are looking for is one designed to stop the flat-headed syndrome. It can occur when a baby is lying in the exact position every day.
Parents are naturally concerned about their baby’s development into flat heads!
If you have any concerns with your child’s pediatrician flat head syndrome isn’t an issue of major concern and typically is resolved with a bit of love.

Baby Positioner Pillow

A baby’s pillow will keep your child lying on their back when they sleep as it helps them sleep on their left and right.

What’s the issue with these pillows for babies? There’s absolutely no reason to utilize them.

Nursing Pillow

The nursing pillow can be great for both your baby and you!

U- or circle-shaped pillows are a great way to help a nursing mother find the most comfortable position to feed. They’re also ideal for those feeding the baby bottle.
Nursing pillows can be positioned around your waist, offering arm support while you feed your child.
Baby Lounger

A baby lounger is what it’s called is a cushion for your baby to lay or lie on while playing with you.
The pillow is indented to the middle.

It can be an ideal space for your child to lay down, learn sitting or enjoy time in the tummy.

Pregnancy Pillow

The pillow is less in common with the baby child and has more to be about your comfort when you’re in your stomach.
The large body pillow can help expect mommies to be at ease at night especially in the third trimester with the biggest belly!

Decorating Your Nursery with Baby Pillows

The fact that your baby should not sleep with a pillow on their bed doesn’t mean that you need to eliminate pillows in their room.
It’s okay to place beautiful, frilly pillows in the crib of your baby provided you remove them when you’re putting your baby to bed.

Skip the Baby Pillow for Safe Sleep

When you’re done with every day, a child’s security is the top priority.
To be on the lookout for them as they nap in bed, make sure they sleep on the firm, air-conditioned mattress such as Newton Baby’s Crib Mattress and leave out the baby’s pillows. Not only are they ineffective as well, but they’re also dangerous!

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