Top 3 Affordable Financing Options For Chiropractic Patients

According to The New York Times, more than 250 million Americans with medical insurance still need financing for medical procedures. 

This makes financing and payment plans for patients ever more important. Chiropractors especially need help with financing for their patients due to a high influx in patient financing being defaulted on with chiropractic practices as of late.  

Many companies are offering financing that any system can use so they can focus on their patients, while the financing companies can handle the payments and financial obligations. This changes the ability for patients to receive care that they need when they cannot afford it.

Why Chiropractors need to Offer Financing 

Many practices would like to help their patients with financing. It can be difficult to handle it on their own. 

Patients often struggle with health insurance that does not cover everything, which makes dispersing medical care payments over time helpful. That is where healthcare financing comes into play with chiropractors. Many patients’ insurance does not cover chiropractic services, or only covers a portion of them, making the patient pay out of pocket for any extra sessions. 

By offering to finance, more patients can access the services they need because they can now pay it off over time. Chiropractic services can be expensive for some patients, making many people avoid certain chiropractic procedures because they cannot afford them. This can hinder their overall quality of life if they cannot receive the services they need. By offering to finance, more people can access the services they need to live a better life. 

The Importance of Having Companies Handle Your Financing 

Handling financing can be difficult and a lot of extra work. 

With a consistent flow of patients coming in, practices are already handling their procedures, paperwork, and possible medication needed. This alone is already a lot of work, and then handling all the billing on top of that can be overwhelming. Even with an in-house employee, managing that would be too much which is why using these outside companies make it easier for any practice. 

If it were up to each chiropractic office to track down their patients and collect payments, that would take too much time and effort away from the actual work. Without the stress of financing hanging over your head, you can focus on treating patients and giving them quality care. This helps to make your practice perform better and operate smoother.

Financing Options

With so many companies out there that offer to finance. Here are a few that have some beneficial services for your practice. 

Lending USA

Lending USA offers point-of-sale financing and lending, mostly focusing on helping with medical procedures for patients. 

Since they will handle all the payment planning and point of sale operations for you, they will get rid of a lot of financial burdens that your practice might take on if you offered to finance on your own. 

Lending USA focuses on helping patients get a low-interest rate. And It also offers smaller monthly payments so they can worry less about the money and get what they need. They also place a big emphasis on their ease of use, sharing the example that if patients need to finance more, it can easily be added to their financing plan. 

The one drawback to this company is that they require a credit check and a monthly income check to approve you for a loan. This process can make it difficult for patients to be approved. And it might make them wait longer to get the treatment they need. Also, they can only operate in certain states, so that is something the practice would need to check before signing up to offer Lending USA’s services to their patients. 


Cleargage is a company that offers healthcare financing as well. They offer software for payment processing and payment plans for any practice. They also handle a lot of the financial burden and stress for the practice because they handle the collection of payments and only charge interest with rates starting around 9.99%. 

It offers a lot of software options to help your practice finance easier and keep everything organized. For example, their software allows you to save the patient’s card information on their profile, making it quick and easy to charge their payment when it is due. 

The benefit of practices using Cleargage over Lending USA is that their approval process only requires a soft credit check, which speeds up the approval process. Even with the soft credit check, they claim that 100% of people are approved. 


Denefits is another option that offers easy payment plans for patients. Denefits, like the other two options, offer competitive interest rates. It can help any practice with payment processing and becomes their accounts receivable department. That way, It is responsible for tracking down the payments and taking care of the payment processing, leaving the finances up to them instead of the chiropractor’s practice. 

It is unique amongst other financing options because there is no credit check required, so everyone is automatically approved. Also, it is a payment plan and not a loan, which is why the approval process is quick and easy. This does mean that the practice only gets their money back when the patient pays; however, It does offer guaranteed payments of up to 90% of each contract. This is applicable For any contract as long as the practice is using Denefits’ no-fee financing, signs up a minimum of 1 new contract per month, the defaulted contract received at least a 10% down payment, and the contract’s first payment is on time.

They offer software to handle all of these services, which is free to use. Many practices enjoy using It because it makes payment plans easy for them to set up. 

How Can Benefit Your Business

With all the available financing options, They can help your patients get the financing they need to live a healthier life. 

Denefits offers easy payment plans. It handles the whole process from setting up the payment plan to collecting payments from your patient. With automatic approval for everyone, more people can have the benefit of receiving chiropractic services from your practice. 

With no-fee financing and many other features available, It has everything you need to help your customers. Also, the Denefits software is available to integrate into your practices’ website, making it easy for patients to apply when they receive your chiropractic services. 

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