4 Awning Patterns For your Salt Lake City Home

Are you looking for an awning or patio cover to liven up your home? Residential awnings are available in all colors, sizes, and styles. There are many factors to consider when it comes to awning selection, but color scheme is probably the most important. Before you commit to any particular awning, double check that the color and pattern complements your home well and adds to its elegance and style. Below are a few awning color ideas based on the color of your home.

Awning Patterns for Gray Homes

If the outside of your home is gray, you have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to picking out a custom awning. However, certain colors can increase your curb appeal and make your home look particularly dazzling. Consider a bright, electric turquoise or a fiery red to bring your home to life. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, go for ivy green, or maybe a dark, royal blue for a more natural and sophisticated look. A neutral alternative could be ember or another dark shade of brown.

Awning Patterns for Beige Homes

Beige, though a less common color when it comes to home exteriors, can be absolutely beautiful, and goes well with many different colors. If you want to maintain a natural theme, consider almond brown awnings or patio covers. If you’d like a bit more contrast, sagebrush green is a great option for you. Pacific blue and steel gray are more modern pattern ideas, but they go surprisingly well with taupe or beige homes. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with striped or dotted awnings.

Awning Patterns for White Homes

Similar to gray homes, white homes offer a lot of freedom in regards to awning pattern selection, but there are few colors and patterns that look best. If you want to keep it classy, play it safe with black. Black adds lots of contrast without drawing too much attention. If you would like something a bit more colorful, a forest green or a deep red will complement the white exterior extremely well. If you’d like something softer and a bit more unique, soft azure is the perfect blend of classy and innovative.

Awning Patterns for Blue Homes

If your home is blue, my advice would be to go big or go home! When it comes to selecting the perfect awning for your home, consider blue’s natural complements on the color spectrum-orange and yellow. Go for a bright sunflower yellow or a blood orange for a more bold look, or soften it up to keep it simple. Blue also goes particularly well with black and white, so if you’re looking for simplicity, stick with one of those.

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