19 Ways to Use Your Screwdriver or Drill in Non-Standard Ways

Folk wisdom says: “If you have a screwdriver , you can drill everything with it except a screwdriver. With two screwdrivers, you can drill through anything.” And if you also consider that savvy citizens use drills not only to create holes, then this pearl is not so far from the truth. Often, the non-standard use of building devices has little to do with common sense, but sometimes life hacks and artisanal alterations bring benefits.

boat motor
It will not be possible to achieve high speeds, so it would be more accurate to call this device an “electric paddle”. Using a screwdriver, you can safely set in motion a small PVC boat or a light fiberglass watercraft.

This solution is well suited for a leisurely walk on the water, or for fishing (quiet electric motors are convenient, for example, for frequent transitions from place to place when spinning fishing or for non-aggressive trolling).

There are outrageously simple options with a “fan” on a straight stem – they hold a screwdriver in their hands.

There are quite complex crafts fixed on the transom, swivel, having a corner element from a 90-degree adapter or, for example, from a gearbox from an angle grinder .

By the way, plywood is often taken as the base material for “kulibins”.

Surface cleaning
You need a “Shurik” with a fairly high speed. It’s even better to use a corded drill .

For rough work on very resistant surfaces, people use different shapes of metal wire nozzles; you can also find sets of different-sized brushes with polymer bristles on sale.

Sometimes, for work similar to polishing, a Velcro plate attachment is inserted into the cartridge, on which an ordinary kitchen sponge is well attached.

Drive for extrusion of sealant from the tube
Cordless tuba guns are quite expensive. Therefore, those who have to work a lot with a viscous mass (for example, need to glue foam moldings and cornices throughout the house) resort to the transformation of mechanical models.


To do this, instead of the rod, a threaded stud is installed and a nut of the appropriate size is glued into the gun.

sharpening pencils
For this, “there are two ways”: some life hackers fix the chink in the screwdriver, others – the pencil itself. Either way, the performance is insane.

Making planting holes
This is a great solution when the ground is well prepared and you only need to make neat deep holes. Especially important is the use of a screwdriver, if the ground is covered with a protective film – they drill it right through the mulch, while perforating the film in the right place. Gardeners-gardeners use either crowns or augers as nozzles.

For earthworks, many craftsmen make nozzles from old metal discs.

kitchen mixer
As a way out – a suitable option, especially if the “shurik” has a fine speed control.

People use not only factory beaters. Forks, wire and even stationery scissors are used.

By the way, in the construction business, such know-how can also come in handy – for example, when you need to mix paint well or, for example, tile grout.

Homemade kart or electric scooter
The drive from a screwdriver has been tested more than once. And what is interesting – it goes, if only the tool has enough torque.

The main thing is to qualitatively transfer the traction force to the wheel, to properly organize the gas control, to make the brakes. Parts from bicycles are best suited for this.

Children are especially delighted with such crafts.

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Drive for manual meat grinder
The idea is not so crazy. For some work, it is simply a pity to use a branded electric meat grinder from the kitchen, as they often burn when twisting plants (celandine, Ivan-tea) or crackers and sunflower seeds (home-made bait for fishing). To cheer up an old aluminum meat grinder, you just need to come up with an adapter that normally clamps into a drill chuck.

Peeling vegetables and apples
We take a pen drill, prick the product on it – and just have time to remove the chips with a cleaner.

Spiral potato chips can be cut in the same way.

A process similar in meaning is husking corn.

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Removing feathers from a bird
To use a drill or screwdriver, you need to make / buy a nozzle with rubber “feather” fingers.

This decision was especially liked by the owners of private households and hunters.

Barbecue Automation
A battery powered skewer doesn’t make life much easier than using muscle power. But it’s funny.

And you can install a screwdriver on the spit of a stationary barbecue. Such a solution may well be useful if a relatively large piece of meat will be cooked for a long time.

Twisting wires and coiling springs
As an option: the master uses a rotary motion to tightly twist the electrical conductors in the junction box.

With the help of a screwdriver, simple springs and reliable protective braids are made.

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Preparation of fishing bait
For fishermen who fish using a large amount of bait mixture (feeder, carp fishing), cordless screwdrivers have long been indispensable helpers.

Jack electrification
A cordless screwdriver is well suited as a drive to a jack that raises / lowers the machine by turning the handle ( “rhombus” models ).

Sewer pipe cleaning
A screwdriver / drill helps to scroll the plumbing cable. To solve such problems, there are special nozzles.

Wine corkscrew
This important tool is often not at hand when you need it at all costs. Branded nozzles save from disaster.

But you can take any self-tapping screw and screw it into the cork with a screw. Then pliers or pliers come into play.

Rebar knitting
In fact, we get the opportunity to only slightly optimize the operation of a conventional hook. Some concrete workers do not see any help in this, for others such mechanization went well – you need to try.

Shoe polish
If Cat Matroskin had a screwdriver, he would definitely use up all his shoe polish, which he simply has heaps of (uncle works at a shoe polish factory).

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Surface grinding
The drill can hold one of hundreds of different grinding attachments. And you can fix the emery directly on the cartridge – it turns out great.

Hole drilling for ice fishing
We need powerful screwdrivers with a capacious battery that provide good torque and even in cold weather make it possible to make more than 100 holes on a single battery charge. With a good sharp ice auger, a screwdriver drills through a meter of ice in a few seconds.

As a conclusion
As you can see, drills (and especially cordless screwdrivers) are deservedly considered a folk tool with a huge potential for non-standard use. Acting as an autonomous drive, they can greatly simplify our lives and really help out if necessary – the main thing is to show a little fanaticism.

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